Bingo Whore’s “John”

14 08 2009

My hubby had to go in for his pre-op appointment today.  In a couple of weeks, he will be having surgery on an umbilical hernia.  In other words, his “innie” is now an “outie” and they have to make it an “innie” again.  Too technical for ya?  He  was surprised when he went in for the pre-op and the nurse pulled out a gown to put on (medical gown, not evening gown).  He was to disrobe down to his undies, then put the aforementioned “gown” on, open to the front.  He refused to take his pants completely off, choosing instead to just pull them down to his ankles.  Then, he decided that he didn’t want to put the gown on open to the front (this would expose his “moobs”).  Picture if you will (sorry), a 280+ lb man sitting on a strip of paper backing in his undies with medical gown, boxers and pants around the ankles.  Not a pretty picture.  But, he felt this was much better than only boxers.  Obviously, he couldn’t see the mirror.  I just told him to “shush”.  I didn’t even get to keep my undies on for my hysterectomy pre-op earlier this year.  Why do the guys get to have so much less invasive exams?  I still wouldn’t want to be one, though.