The Story Behind the “Bingo Whore”

Several years ago, my mother and I went out of state (approximately 1600 miles) to visit with my brother (whom my mom wanted to see) and my father (whom I wanted to see).  They both live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Unfortunately, they both happened to be working while we were there for the week.  Since my brother worked at an Indian casino at the time, my mom wanted to wait for him there.  So, we ended up playing the slots every single day.  By the third contiguous day of pushing buttons and hearing bells ring, I was going crazy.  That was when I discovered the bingo hall.  However, my mother bristled at the very idea of going to play boring, stuffy ole’ bingo.  I kept pestering her and pestering her until she finally called me a “Bingo Whore”.  I finally did get my way.  We had a fabulous time, by the way.  But, THAT’S a story for another day.


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