Dude, It’s a Dolphin!

13 01 2010

My husband (BWH) is deathly afraid of sharks.  He is so afraid, in fact, that he refuses to even watch them on TV.  Of course, my son and I tease him mercilessly about it.  One of our favorite stories that we continue to tease him about was told to us by an old friend of his.  When they were younger, my husband’s friend talked him into giving surfing a try.  I don’t know how he convinced him, but he did.  While the BWH’s friend was sitting on his board, awaiting the next wave, BWH came paddling by at a frenetic pace.  All he saw were arms, legs and water splashing about.  When BWH’s friend turned to see what BWH was frantically escaping from, he saw a grey dorsal fin a few feet behind.  BWH’s friend turned in BWH’s direction, laughed and yelled, “Dude!  It’s a dolphin!”  BWH didn’t care.  He didn’t stop paddling until he was on the sand and never returned to the water in anything other than a boat again.





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20 01 2010

lol puts me in mind of my daughter – who has a deadly fear of crabs. Its so bad now she wont even venture to the seashore – however i think i probably scarred her for life by putting a dead crab on the car windscreen when she was younger – she took off running and it took us an hour to coax her back into the car … the things you wish you had never done… hehe

20 01 2010
Heather Chavez

That SO reminds me of something I did to my son. But, I knew he was afraid of spiders and still did it. It seems you didn’t know your daughter was afraid of crabs before you put the dead one on the windshield. I’ll have to write about that, soon.

6 04 2010
An Early Loss « Adventures of a Bingo Whore

[…] 6 04 2010 It’s somewhat fitting in a sad way that the last post I wrote about, Dude It’s a Dolphin, was a story told to me by my husband’s ex-best friend.  He passed away on March 1, 2010 one […]

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