Texts From the Kid

18 11 2009

Yes, the Bingo Whore has spawn.  In fact, he just turned 15 yesterday.  You know how I know for sure that he is my kid?  Take a look at the text messages that went back and forth today:

Bingo Whore’s Kid: 3.187 – See if you can figure it out.

(I didn’t see this right away, so didn’t get a chance to answer before the following came in)

BW Kid: Figure it out yet?  No?  Here’s another clue.  These numbers will release a little white box.  Giggidy giggidy goo!


BW Kid: Give up?  It’s my GPA!!!  🙂  3.187

BW: Dude!  Good job!

BW Kid: This is the 23rd proudest moment of my life.  Don’t ask me how I know, I just have a feeling.  LOL

BW: You are such a freak!

BW Kid: 🙂

I can’t get rid of him.  He’s just too funny!





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