Two Great Scary Movies to Review

2 11 2009

My son and I love horror movies.  So, what better way to spend the Halloween weekend than to rent scary movies, turn out the lights and wait for the mayhem to begin?  We decided to try “Orphan” and “Dorothy Mills“.  You might remember “Orphan” from the creepy kid poster with the words “There’s something wrong with Esther“.  There definitely WAS something wrong with Esther.  It is sort of like “The Good Son” but with a twist that, believe me, you DON’T see coming.  After suffering a miscarriage, a husband and wife decide to adopt an older child from an orphanage to round out their little family of four, which includes a boy who is around Esther’s age and a younger girl who happens to be deaf.  Once Esther charms her way into the house, the games begin.  You’ll want to hang in to the end to see what Esther is all about.

Orphan movie: There's something wrong with Esther. Dorothy Mills movie

My son had absolutely no interest in seeing the next movie I rented, so I went at it alone.  I have to admit that “Dorothy Mills” caught my attention because of this phrase above its title on the DVD box: “A contemporary take on The Exorcist”.  But, this is a bit misleading.  This Irish tale takes place on an isolated Irish island set apart from the mainland.  It begins with teenage Dorothy seeming to abuse a baby by trying to force him to drink from his bottle while babysitting.  The extent of his physical injuries is shown later in photographs.  Dorothy is sent to trial for the abuse and a psyciatrist comes to the island to find out more about Dorothy, what happened and why.  The psychiatrist has a story all her own which plays out quite interestingly in the movie.  What appears to be a case of Multiple Personality Disorder soon turns into something else.  But, not exactly what you are lead to believe.  And Dorothy has an ability that the town has been using to her detriment for many years.  Once you find out what these personalities really are, another great twist takes this to a whole other level and completely satisfies.

All in all, I would completely recommend either one of these movies for those of you who like a horror movie that actually has a good plot and twists and turns that make sense.





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