Happy Birthday, Baby!

23 10 2009

The birthday boy at lunch The birthday boy enjoying a birthday drink.  Yum!

Today was my husband’s 42nd birthday.  He was actually in a celebratory mood, too.  This is a far cry from two years ago.  He absolutely DREADED turning 40.  So much so that he took the entire week off so he could disappear from the world and leave his birthday behind him for just a little while.  This year, however, he told everyone everywhere we went that it was his birthday and only took two days off work to celebrate.

After gifting him with a big Starbucks gift card (his morning drink of choice) and  a nice new travel mug (which will probably end up in the back seat of his truck like everything else seems to do), I took him to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch.  He got to enjoy a bit of alcohol in the middle of the day (not something he normally does, since he usually has to go back to work).  He is gearing up to take his sandrail and favorite uncle out to Glamis for a quick day trip tomorrow.  All in all, it’s been a pretty good birthday this year. 

Happy Birthday, Baby!





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