This is NOT Denny’s!

21 10 2009

Ankle-biters need leashes, too!As I was walking my darling Angel last night through the neighborhood, we came across a woman pulling her trash bins from the street and putting them in the backyard.  In the process, she allowed her ankle-biter (Chihauhua for those of you not in the know) to run freely about the neighborhood.  Being a good dog owner, I had my chocolate lab on a leash.  However, size doesn’t matter to a Chihauhau.  In fact, they all seem to suffer from “Little Man Syndrome”.  This tootsy-nibbler yapped and yapped at my Angel girl and even went in for a little nip.  I kept my girl close to me, calming her down and waiting for the little terror’s owner to get a hold of the situation.  That didn’t happen.  The dog just yapped and yapped, lunged and nipped.  I finally turned to the lady and asked her if this was indeed her dog.  She indicated that it was.  I then asked her as politely as I could to please get a hold of the thing.  She called the dog a couple of times before it came back to her and we went on our merry way.  However, the dog came yapping at our heels further down the street and the owner never did anything about it.

It reminded me of a certain demographic of people who frequent Denny’s, IHOP, Coco’s, etc. who let their children climb all over the furniture and run loose in the aisles.  You know who they are.  They’re the same kind of people that allow their children to run freely about the front yard in nothing but their underwear for all the world to see.  They also seem to believe that a diaper is sufficient clothing to take a baby out in public.  Is it really that hard to throw a pair of shorts and a tank top on little Joey for goodness sakes?  Really?  Maybe it’s not a demographic necessarily, but a certain “class” of people.  Although, most of this “class” of people seems to fall into one particular demographic around my neighborhood for some reason.  I don’t know!





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21 10 2009

Ha ! Good comparison, and I have been so close many times at restaurants to ask certain parents to ‘restrain’ their little monsters !!! LOL

21 10 2009
Heather Chavez

It’s amazing what some people think is OK to allow in public. Just ‘cuz they’re “precious” to you doesn’t mean they’re “precious” to me. I’ve always worked off the philosophy that if something my son is doing bugs me, I’m sure it bugs other people. So, it isn’t allowed. I think that’s why I could bring him to the public library with me when he was 1 1/2 years old and not worry about being ushered out by an unhappy librarian.

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