Paranormal Activity Lives Up to the Hype!

20 10 2009

“Paranormal Activity” lives up to the hype! As a movie buff (and a horror movie buff to boot), I was so excited when I saw sneak previews online for “Paranormal Activity”. What stood out was that this low-budget movie (made only for a little over $10,000) decided to forgo showing scenes from the movie. But, instead, showed the audience reactions to special screenings and that got me hooked. My husband (absolutely NOT being a fan of horror movies) declined to go with me to the special preview viewing being held at midnight on September 24th in Los Angeles. None of my friends were able to go with me either. So, I had to wait for its wide release to happen last Friday. Luckily, my son is a HUGE horror fan like his Mama. We made a date to go see a matinee after school on Friday. One of the perks of being an independent contractor is that you can take time off for such things. I took the perk!

If you love horror movies, you are going to love “Paranormal Activity”. It takes place in a suburban San Diego home of boyfriend and girlfriend Micah and Katie. Katie has apparently been having trouble with some entity around her since she was 8 years old. Because they have been experiencing unexplained “bumps in the night”, Micah decides to get a video camera. That’s when all hell breaks loose. It got to be that every time they would show a night scene in the bedroom, the gooseflesh would stand out on your arms in anticipation of something truly terrifying happening. And it just got more and more intense as the movie went on. In the fashion of “The Blair Witch Project” (which I happened to love, by the way), we never actually SEE what this “entity” looks like. But, we don’t have to. Imagination can be far worse than reality. It got to be that even lights turning off and on in the hallway made you cringe. The “thump…thump…THUMP”-ing you hear on the stairs takes up residence in your brain for a while.

And the ending is one for the recordbooks. I hadn’t been that scared or creeped out since the little girl came out of the television set at the end of “The Ring”. The ending to “Paranormal Activity” stayed with me for a couple of days afterwards (similar to the vision of Mike standing in the corner at the end of “The Blair Witch Project” stayed with me for a few days). But this was on a much more intense level. In fact, I had to have the television on to sleep Friday and Saturday nights. When I would wake up and turn the TV off, I couldn’t fall back asleep until I turned the TV back on. This movie was absolutely fantastic!

Again, if you are a horror fan, you HAVE to see this movie. “Paranormal Activity” lives up to the hype!

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