My Dog’s Got a Record Now

20 10 2009

My J.D.D. - Juvenile Delinquent Dog AngelMy dog’s got a record now.  On Sunday, she decided to take walk completely unaided by any of us family members.  Somehow, she managed to get out of the side gate without either my son or my husband seeing her.  And on her merry way she went.  When I realized she was gone, I grabbed my son and headed to the car, figuring my husband would jump in his truck just as quickly so we could cover more ground.  Imagine my surprise when I heard him go into the backyard and call and whistle for our Angel-girl.  Did he not believe my son and I when we said we were just in the backyard and she wasn’t there?  Did she think we missed her somewhere in our gigantic (NOT) backyard?  Really?  Shaking our heads, my son and I just hopped in my car and headed out.

After going up and down the streets in both ours and the surrounding neighborhoods, we were unable to locate her anywhere.  I quickly printed up a couple dozen flyers, put an ad on Craigslist, added it to my Facebook status (hey, we’re in a tech-saavy age and I’m gonna use what I can) and headed out to put the flyers up on the telephone poles at all main entrances to the neighborhood in the off chance somebody saw her.  She had a collar and tags on her when she left, so we knew someone would know she wasn’t a stray.

Three days later, we get a call from the animal shelter.  Someone brought her in the same day she was missing, but we weren’t notified for three days, even though I called the next day to see if anyone brought her in.  Unfortunately, our local shelters are quite busy.  We had to go to the back to find which kennel she was located in.  Of course, she was in the very last row and in the very last kennel we looked at.  There were so many sad little eyes staring at us as we passed by each kennel.  It was hearbreaking.  After we identified her and posted her bail, she came back home.  I don’t think she’ll be wandering off anytime soon!

If you decide to get a new pet anytime in the future, please consider contacting your local animal shelter.  These poor animals just need a home to go to.  That’s where I’ll go if we ever get another dog.





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